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Founded 2004 (undergraduate major since 2015)


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Current BME faculty (any can serve as PhD advisor)

126 Current PhD students:

  • 48% female

  • 52% male

  • >25% underrepresented minorities

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Average time to degree: 5.4 years

Graduation rate: >90%

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17 NSF GRFP Fellows since 2018

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  • Seminar for First-Year Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Students (Fall of 1st year) 

  • Core Concepts in Disease (Spring of 1st year)

  • Immersion Experience in Medical Research and Clinical Practice (Summer of 1st year)

  • Biomedical Engineering Graduate Colloquium (total of 6 semesters)

  • Biomedical Engineering Research Seminar (Work-in-progress seminar for PhD students) (total of 6 semesters; students present annually from 3rd year on) 

  • Teaching Assistant (TA) or equivalent experience (One semester)

*Freedom and flexibility in the selection of courses and thesis committee*


PhD Timeline

  • Spring: BME Open House for all admitted students

  • Year 1, Orientation: Learn about research opportunities

  • Year 1, Fall Semester: Select lab/advisor for PhD research

  • Year 1, Spring Semester: Prepare for clinical immersion term

  • Year 1, Summer Term: Clinical immersion term in New York City

  • Year 2, Fall Semester: Identify thesis committee members

  • Year 3: Completion of A-exam (thesis proposal)

  • Years 3-5: Annual WIP presentation and meeting with committee 

  • Year ~5: Complete B-exam, submit PhD thesis

Find the latest information in the in BME PhD Student Handbook.

  • First-hand Experience in a Clinical Environment.

  • Acquire clinical experience, identify needs and challenges of technologies in clinical practice, perform clinical research

  • Summer of the 1st year (mid-June to mid-August), 7 weeks total

  • Housing and stipend provided

  • Identify clinical mentor together with your PhD Advisor

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Student Panel on the Clinical Immersion Term

Student panel - Clinical immersion term
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